East Jefferson
Little League
Baseball & Softball
80 Elkins Rd Port Hadlock, WA 98339
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East Jefferson Little League is striving to get more people involved in order to make the 2017 season, and
all seasons to come, an even better experience for our kids. Each team will have two team parents and two
assistant coaches.

Team Parents:
1.  Assist with fundraising, acting as liaison between their team and the  fundraising committee.
2.  Recruit parents for assigned concession stand shifts*.
3. Take turns keeping score at games. Instruct and delegate this task to  others when unable to do it.
4.  Assist in the dugout during games when needed.
5.  Compile a team contact list for effective communication.
6.  Fill in for assistant coaches when needed

Assistant Coaches:
1. Attend practices and help the head coach with drills/skills and organizing the kids.
2.  Are first and third base coaches during games.
3.  Help and/or supervise the kids’ mandatory field raking and garbage cleanup after every practice and all
home games.
4.  Assist in the dugout during games.
5.  Fill in for head coach as needed.

By providing a solid network of support for each other we can make our kids’ Little League experience a
grand slam!

*Concession shifts will be assigned to teams, 3 parents per shift - adults only with the exception of
middle/high school community service volunteers.


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